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    Stockholm design group

    The Stockholm Design Group - a Scandinavian-based footwear label - believes that they can jointly create a truly unique collection through the fusion of their love of timeless Scandinavian designs, raw materials and skilled craftsmanship.  
    Regardless of changing trends, the Stockholm Design Group believes that timeless designs live beyond the season. Our blend of traditional craftsmanship and natural raw materials, combined with innovative details, enables the Group to create footwear with a classic, modern feel and look which over time will simply continue to improve due to the raw natural beauty of the materials used.  

    We and our skilled craftsmen share a passion for great products and details by following every design from paper to finished product and selecting each rivet, each piece of lace and each type of leather.  

    By working together to obtain a perfect fit and finish, we strive to make well-crafted shoes that are designed to last.

    See our Stockholm Design Group collection here.