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    Always on trend - Tamaris gives quiality-aware, cost-conscious woman the fashion statement they seek in representing a brand that is not only a lifestyle label, but also a brand of quality.

    More exposed to the influence of lifestyle developments than ever before, Tamaris gives you quality, design, fashion and expression - qualities you will not find in most other brands. In addition, Tamaris provides excellent value for money to go with the high level of quality you are looking for. 

    From young to old, trendy to classical, the Tamaris brand represents every aspect of woman's fashion with a collection covering an extraordinary range of models, giving you the ideal shoe for any occasion. The brand's unique positioning has placed at least one pair of Tamaris shoes in every second German woman's shoe rack. At a market awareness figure of 51%, Tamaris is one of the most powerful footwear brands.

    Most heeled shoes from Tamaris feature our patented AntiShokk hell technology, with pneumatic chambers and core stabilisers inside the heel to soften the impact of each step by around fifty percent, giving you substantial relief to the joints and spine.

    See our Tamaris collection here.